Monthly Series

Alignment on/with a Chair (online)

Tuesday, May 18, 6:15 - 7:30pm

This class is all about exploring the proper alignment in selected yoga poses (standing & seated) with the usage of a chair. Since this is an online class and you might not have a yoga chair (certain chair requirements) at home, please use a folding chair for this class (or contact me if you are not sure). Also, please have two blankets available and two same size blocks. This session is inspired by the B.K.S. Iyengar alignment method.  A one year yoga practice is required to sign up for this class. Please register and send an email to: 


Learning Yoga (Online & In-Person Sessions/ Covid 19 Safe!)

Friday, January 1 - Friday, December 31, 10:00am - 6:30pm

If you are new to yoga and its sister sciences or if you want to come back to a more regular yoga practice, the spring is a perfect time to learn the deep disciplines of asana (yoga poses), pranayama (breath work) and meditation. For more detailed information on the class, pricing and available times, please contact the studio: We are offering online yoga privates and now as well in-person sessions (for sure with all the safe Covid 19 regulations). 

Yoga & Ayurvedic Self-Care Retreat (online)

Sunday, February 28, 5:00 - 7:00pm

For sure 2020 & the beginning of 2021 brought a lot of challenges to your lives and in order to stay balanced, strong and to keep our immunity up, we should give ourselves the gift of a two-hour self-treatment! In this session, we will use and practice the following four healing treatments of Yin Yoga (passive form of yoga, to gain flexibility in a more gentle way), Yoga Nidra (ancient Indian relaxation technique), Marma Point Therapy (ancient Indian massage technique that helps to open energy centers and energy pathways that are connected to our organs) as a self-treatment and a powerful pranayama (breathing exercise) to bring the needed balance, strength and immunity booster to our system (body & mind). This treatment event will be presented in an online format. It is an all-levels event. The following yoga props are recommended (alternatives are ok): yoga mat, strap, two same size yoga blocks, two blankets and smaller pillows, eye pillow if you have. Also, have some socks, sweater, and extra blanket handy.  

Pre-registeration required!

Meditation & Yin Yoga on Mother's Day - Bring your Loved One!!!

Sunday, May 9, 9:30 - 10:30am

Join me this Sunday, May 9 @ 9:30am (60 min., $18) to celebrate this special day in honor to your Mom and all the mom’s in the world! Beside a deep Yin Yoga Class, I will teach the “Empty Bowl Meditation”, a wonderful practice to bring harmony and awareness to your body, mind and consciousness. When you know how to practice it correctly it is recommended to continue it for several day, months or even make it part of your daily routine. If you want to bring your mom or loved one, please let me know in advance. This session is an all-level one and perfect for beginners. Happy Mother’s Day.

Rejuvenate: Restorative Yoga on/with A Chair - Perfect for Beginners (online)

Sunday, June 27, 5:45 - 7 pm
$25 (pre-register)

Join me for this unique session of Restorative Yoga, using a folding chair, 2 blankets, 2 yoga blocks and a yoga strap. Expect to practice yoga poses mostly in sitting, on the back and one pose in standing (all poses will be supported by yoga props). The focus in this session will be on the alignment in poses & relaxation. The pace of this class is slow and meditative, perfect for beginners in yoga and as well for long time practitioners. This class will end with a few minutes of sitting in meditation. You will leave this session rejuvenated and relaxed. 
Pre-Registration is required via email:




Group Online Classes - How does it work? (read more)

Tuesday, March 17 - Friday, December 31, check schedule

Since March 2020 the studio offer its group yoga classes online. If you are interested to join a class, please send an email to to receive the dial-in information.  Please read the following information below. 


Before joining the class YOU need to download the Zoom Meeting App. on your device. It doesn’t need to be an apple device, however it seems that a laptop or computer (bigger screen) is better than a smart phone for the presentation of the class. If the system ask you for Meeting ID and/or Password, please use the information that was emailed to you or click on the link in the invite. 

It would be good if you could join the class 5 minutes before the session starts, in case there are questions in regard of the set up, audio, adjustment of your screen, etc. Also please have your practice space prepared before the class. The following yoga props are recommended for yoga online classes: a mat, 2 same size blocks, 1 strap and 2 blankets. For your first classes, alternatives are ok. If you don’t have yoga props and you would like to purchase some, please contact the studio via email for further information. 

Costs & Payment: All the online group classes are 60 minutes long (often a bit longer). Each class costs $18 per person. If an extra person joins your session, please let me know. Venmo (using the katrin-elia account) is recommended for class payment. Please send the payment before the class. 

If you have class related questions, please contact me via email:






Hormone Yoga Therapy - A Natural Alternative for Menopause (online group session)

Saturday, July 10, 3:30 - 6:30 pm

THIS EVENT is for Women
*who experience peri-menopausal symptoms
*who are in Menopause & suffer from menopausal symptoms
*who experience post-menopausal symptoms
*to assist in fertility
*to help with panic symptoms, stress, PMS, and more….

Hormone Yoga Therapy (HYT), invented by Dinah Rodrigues, is a holistic form of yoga that offers a natural alternative approach. Its focus is to reactivate the hormone production through a designed sequence of yoga postures (asana), specific breathing exercises (pranayama), Tibetan energy technique, and yoga nidra (visualization during meditation). Disagreeable Symptoms during menopause such as hot flashes, insomnia, depression, headache, tiredness, hair loss, migraine, emotional instability, and many others are indicators that the hormone level in a woman’s body is low and needs to be increased. Results show as well that HYT also helps in preventing osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, and assists in infertility, peri-menopausal symptoms, stress, and panic symptoms. A short break will be included in this four hour practice.

For more information or for sign up, please contact

Price for group session (online): $ 165 (material included)
3 hour HYT Private (online): $ 315 (date/time need to be set, material included)

Yoga & Self Marma Point Therapy on Memorial Day (online)

Monday, May 31, 10:15 - 11:30am

The 60 mins Morning Yoga Sequence will focus mainly on the Alignment of the Body to balance the active mind. Only when the body is in the right alignment, the mind will be calm. We will practice standing poses as well as poses on the back and in sitting. Yoga props such as a chair, 2 same size blocks, and 2 blankets are recommended. Alternatives are ok for this all-levels class. During the last 15 mins before Shavasana (resting pose) you will learn and practice a short sequence of Marma Point Therapy on your face. Marma Point Therapy is an ancient Indian pressure point therapy, very healing and relaxing. You will leave the session aligned (for sure), rejuvenated and energized, ready for the holiday celebration later. Please pre-register via email:


Nourish the Body & Mind - An Ayurvedic Retreat (Covid19 Safe!) @ Won Dharma Center, NY

Friday, June 18, Spring 2021

As COVID 19 is still among us and many of us feeling its mental effects
that expresses itself in forms such as anxiety, fear, anger, exhaustion,
sleep issues and more, it feels like offering a weekend retreat in
middle of October is the perfect thing to do. And for sure it will be
COVID 19 safe!!! 

The retreat is planed for Spring 2021 at the beautiful Buddhist Won Dharma Center in Claverack, NY. One of the many safety measures is to offer only private accommodations (single rooms) and double rooms only for couples
or family members that share the same household. Other safety
regulations will be in place at the location and during the retreat itself. 

The retreat center on the foothills of the Catskills is about a 3hr and
45min car drive from Philadelphia and 2hr and 15min from Manhattan. Several walking trails are around this beautiful and peaceful place.
Also an acupuncture center is on the property and holistic massages
are available for an extra fee. The closest city is Hudson, NY. They
have a train station if you wish to come by train. 


Two Overnights, three days, in a private room with a shared
bathroom (all rooms are modern and most rooms have a sink in
the room) plus 2 breakfasts, 2 luncheons, 2 dinners (delicious
vegetarian food) & Program during your stay (meditation,
different yoga styles, and other healing modules) and a workshop: 
$890 per person
Shared room as a couple (plus meals & program see above): $790 p.p.

Please note that students of the studio receive a discount. Please contact the event organizer. 

PROGRAM (slight changes are possible):

FRIDAY: Arriving around 3:30pm, Meet & Greet: 4:45pm,
Dinner: 5:30pm, Restorative Yoga & Pranayama: 7:45 – 9pm

SATURDAY: Meditation: 6 – 7am led by Buddhist ministers
of the center (40 min. sitting, 7 min. chanting, 3 min. scripture
reading), Breakfast: 7:30am, Align & Relax: 10 – 11am, Lunch: Noon,
Workshop – Ayurveda & the Power of Self-Healing: 3 – 4:15pm,
Dinner: 5:30pm, Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra: 7:30 – 8:45pm

SUNDAY: Meditation: 6 – 7am led by Buddhist ministers of
the center (40 min. sitting, 7 min. chanting, 3 min. scripture reading),
Breakfast: 7:30am, Gentle Yoga & Mantra: 9:45 – 11am, Lunch: Noon, 
Departure after lunch.


To Sign Up & to hold Your room, please pay 50% of the full amount. $50 of this amount will be the registration fee which is not refundable. The second half is due….Checks are appreciated. If you wish to use your credit card for payment a 3% transaction fee will be added. Your booking is not transferable. 

Because we are in a very uncertain time due Covid 19 you will receive your payment back if

*the governor of NY forced the center to close and the event needs to be canceled due Covid 19 restrictions (minus $50). 

*If you get the virus before the retreat and cannot come. A doctor’s note or copy of a testing result needs to be send via email to the event organizer (minus $50)

*If the State of Pennsylvania is added to the list of States whose residents are forced to quarantine for 14 days when arriving to NY (minus $50).

PS: This retreat is also for non-PA residents. Important is that your state is not on the list of States whose residents are forced to quarantine for 14 days when arriving to NY. 

Please contact the event organizer: Katrin ( with any retreat related question. Thank you and see you maybe at the retreat?!