Monthly Series

Alignment Yoga Series

Thursday, January 3 - Thursday, January 31, 10 - 11 am (check dates)
$ 18 each session

Jan. 3, 10, 17, 24 & 31 @ 10 am 

This yoga series which is set up more like a workshop will use the Iyengar alignment method. Together in a group we will explore standing asanas (yoga postures), sitting asanas, forward extension, lateral extension, inversions, abdominal asanas, backward extension, sun salutations and restorative asanas. Pranayama (breathing exercises) is included in certain sessions. Come & explore this power of this unique yoga style. Pre-registration required.

Restore Yourself with Restorative Yoga

Thursday, January 17, 6:30 - 7:45 pm
$ 25

Restorative Yoga poses are designed to open the body in a very gentle way in order to relax the body & mind. The practiced sequence in this session will be fully supported by props such as blankets, blocks, yoga eggs, and bolsters. Restorative yoga is suitable for all ages and all levels of yoga. It is the perfect addition to a more active yoga practice or any other active activity (such as running, tennis, etc.) in your life. 

Restorative Yoga can be used as well therapeutically to aid conditions such as lower back pain, headaches, insomnia, and sinus congestion. It has a very meditative aspect. Please bring socks and a sweater to the practice. The body temperature might drop during this relaxing practice. To make a reservation to hold your spot please send an email to: Only 10 students max.

Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra (Deep Relaxation)

Tuesday, February 19, 6:30 - 7:45 pm

This class will be perfect between the upcoming holidays….it begins with a 50 minute WholeBody Yin sequence to stretch and stress certain connective tissue to work on flexibility. The deep healing practice of Yoga Nidra, an ancient Indian relaxation technique will follow. This practice will be in Shavasana (resting pose on your back). Come, enjoy & explore these two very deep practices! Pre-registration required.


New Year's Health Basket: Pranayama, Yin/Alignment & Marma Point Head Treament

Tuesday, January 1, 10:30 - Noon

To Celebrate the New Year join me for this unique Session! The 90min class will start with some breathing exercises (Pranayama) to open up the system for some Whole Body Yin & Alignment Yoga. The class will end with a marma therapy head treatment. Yes, I will use my tuning fork beside using the thumb and index finger to apply pressure to certain marma points to make sure to keep the energy pathways (nadis)open. Open nadis are important to stay healthy. 

All Levels. Pre-registration required. 

Restorative Yoga & Healing Sounds Bath To Celebrate the New Year

Sunday, January 6, 5:00 - 6:15 pm

To celebrate the New Year,  join us for this 75minute healing event in which we will combine Restorative Yoga (Judith Lasater method) and the relaxing sounds of Sylvia’s Healing Sound Bath. 

During this unique session we will use yoga props (blankets, bolsters, yoga eggs, etc.) to position ourselves comfortably into restorative yoga poses on our mats to allow us to open up to the waves of sounds that will carry us into the places of healing and peace. In this “Healing Sound Bath” you will   experience the deep and restorative sounds of therapeutic singing bowls, Chinese gongs, tingsha (mini-cymbal), crystal singing bowls, musically-tuned chimes, and more. Pre-registration is required!

Sylvia M. DeSantis, MA, VST, NCTMB is an author, Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master-Teacher, Vibrational Sound Therapy Practitioner, and owner of Seven Sacred Breaths Integrative Healing ( in Newtown Square, PA where she helps clients of all ages find relief from trauma and stress. Her reiki book, Watercharms: Ocean-Reiki Meditations for Clearing, Clarity, and Healing, is available at your favorite bookseller.

Katrin will lead you into each restorative Yoga pose that evening. 


Restorative Yoga & The Power of Essential Oils with Lisa Mitchell & Katrin

Sunday, February 24, 5:00- 6:30pm

Join Katrin Elia & Lisa Mitchell for an evening of restorative yoga and essential oils. At this event you will have the opportunity to learn about the differences of essential oils, their scent and their healing powers. Essential oils actually foster an increasing sense of well being, physically, emotionally, and/ or spiritually. Prior to the deep relaxation of the restorative yoga practice that evening, all practitioners will have the opportunity to choose an essential oil to sample as an accompainment to the practice and to support in the areas of: respiration, skin, emotions, mental focus, relaxation, and digestion. All guests will have to opportunity to purchase an oil starter kit if they choose to. We hope you will join us for this exciting event. 

Restorative Yoga & Marma Point Therapy with Live Sitar Music by Allyn Miner

Sunday, April 7, 5:00 - 6:30 pm
$ 55

Pre-registration required! 

This unique session is the perfect treat for yourself, receiving nourishment through sound healing, bodywork and deep relaxation ….Allyn Miner, the Philadelphia sitar player will set the tone with her beautiful play while relaxing & healing in Restorative Yoga poses. Restorative Yoga is a very gentle form of yoga. In this session we will practice the Judith Lasater method. The goal of this particular practice is to bring pure relaxation to our body and mind. The Marma Point Therapist will go from student to student to work on selected marma points. Marma Point Therapy is the Indian version of Acupressure. The practitioner will use fingers and a tuning fork to open marma points. Open marma point prevent sickness and disease. 

No yoga experience needed! Come & enjoy!

Allyn Miner has been playing north Indian classical music on the sitar for more than forty years. She studied with Thakur Sri Raj Bhan in Varanasi, India, for eleven years and later became a disciple of Ustad Ali Akbar Khan in Marin County, California. She has performed in venues all over the U.S and in India. Allyn has a Ph.D in Indian musicology from Banaras Hindu University for her work on the history of the sitar. She has a Ph.D. in Sanskrit from the University of Pennsylvania for her study of a fourteenth-century musicological text from Gujarat. She is a Lecturer in the Department of South Asia Studies at Penn where she teaches sitar classes. 

Katrin Elia, owner of Katrin Elia Yoga and Marma Point Therapist, will teach the restorative yoga sequence and offer the marma point therapy this evening.

Alexander Technique: Learn to Move Freely (without Pain) with Andrea Bruno

Sunday, April 14, 5:00 - 6:45 PM
$ 55

The Alexander Technique (AT) that was developed in the 1890s by Frederick Matthias Alexander from Australia, “is an educational process that helps you recognize and stop your unnecessary muscular and mental tension. ” (Wikipedia)

The Workshop will start with a short introduction to this amazing technique. Andrea Bruno, certified Alexander Technique teacher will then help us experience our everyday simple movements without the interfering habits we have established over the years. Often these physical habits are not useful and act as interference to the natural fluid movement we had when we were young. Often it leaves us in and with pain. The last part of the workshop will focus on two selected yoga poses and how to incorporate this new easier, more fluid movement into your practice.

Andrea Bruno: “I’m a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique, a master of Reiki and Chios Energy and have been practicing Yoga and Mediation for over 40 years. I enjoy working with people who are interested in learning about themselves and are ready to participate in their own healing. If you’ve tried other modalities to relieve your pain unsuccessfully, you are interested in learning how you can take charge and live a less stressful life, I can help you.” Pre-registeration required (

….particular recommended for students with pain & chronic pain, injuries…and for the one’s who want to learn about their posture and habits…

The Good Taste of Health with Ellen Sue Jacobson

Sunday, May 5, 5:00 - 6:30 pm
$ 45

The Good Taste of Health is an engaging program about how to design your own personal eating plan (P.E.P.) by cherry-picking the best from each of the popular food plans from Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine) to the Zone (eating within certain carb, fat, &protein percentages). A brief summary of several popular food plans (diets) will be discussed.

Ellen Sue Jacobson, nutrition educator and natural foods cook, will discuss her own P.E.P. and how she experimented with different plans on her healthy foods journey. 

Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions and start to create their own P.E.P. with dishes that are colorful, nutrient dense, and good tasting.  The Good Taste of Health will demonstrate that eating a healthful diet need not be bland or boring. Colorful dishes with a wide range of nutrients can be created in your own kitchen. The recipes you will create for your own P.E.P. may be simple to prepare, but they can also be simply delicious.

About Ellen Sue Jacobson: Ellen Sue has two bachelors’ degrees: one in Education from Douglass College (Div. of Rutgers Univ. in NewBrunswick, NJ) and one in Nutrition Education (Empire State College, N.Y.) She is also the author of several cookbooks and a children’s nutrition-based coloring book.

Hormone Yoga Therapy - A Natural Alternative for Menopause

Saturday, May 18, 2:30 - 6:30 pm

THIS EVENT is for Women
*who experience peri-menopausal symptoms
*who are in Menopause & suffer from menopausal symptoms
*who experience post-menopausal symptoms
*to assist in fertility
*to help with panic symptoms, stress, PMS, and more….

Hormone Yoga Therapy (HYT), invented by Dinah Rodrigues, is a holistic form of yoga that offers a natural alternative approach. Its focus is to reactivate the hormone production through a designed sequence of yoga postures (asana), specific breathing exercises (pranayama), Tibetan energy technique, and yoga nidra (visualization during meditation). Disagreeable Symptoms during menopause such as hot flashes, insomnia, depression, headache, tiredness, hair loss, migraine, emotional instability, and many others are indicators that the hormone level in a woman’s body is low and needs to be increased. Results show as well that HYT also helps in preventing osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, and assists in infertility, peri-menopausal symptoms, stress, and panic symptoms. A short break will be included in this four hour practice.

For more information or for sign up, please contact

Price for group session: $ 195 (material included)
4 hour HYT Private: $ 315


Moving Into Stillness: A Yoga & Meditation Retreat/ April 2019

Friday, April 26 - Sunday, April 28

Enjoy a weekend of bliss with two overnights, three days @ beautiful Buddhist Won Dharma Center in the Hudson Valley (NY), Yin Yoga Classes, Restorative Yoga, Marma Therapy (ancient Indian massage technique), a Meditation Workshop to learn about different meditation styles, Yoga Nidra (Indian relaxation technique), mindful walks on nearby trails, delicious vegetarian food and much more. Acupuncture sessions are available (not included in the package price).

Pricing for the Weekend Stay (4/26 – 4/28):

Single Room/Meals/Program: $ 861

Double Room/Meals/Program: $ 725

Quad/Meals/Program: $ 635

Commuter Rate: Meal/Program: $ 525

***Please check with the studio for a special rate if this would be your second retreat with KEY at Won Dharma Center.

(All rooms have a shared bathroom. Single & double rooms have as well a sink in the room.)

Vegetarian Meals included in the price: 4/26: dinner, 4/27: breakfast/lunch/dinner, 4/28: breakfast/lunch

Arrival time: 4/26, 3- 4 pm, Departure time: 4/28 after lunch


Program (as of now, slight changes are possible):

Friday, 4/26 – Meet & Greet: 4:45 pm (*Il Won Hall), Dinner: 5:30 pm (main dinning room) Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra: 7:45 – 9 pm (II Won Hall).

Saturday, 4/27 – Meditation: 6 – 7 am (II Won Hall) lead by ministers of the center: 40 min sitting, 7 min chanting, and 3 min scripture reading, Breakfast: 7:30 am, Yin & Yang Balancing (Yoga): 10 – 11:15 am (**Meditation Hall @ Timeless Zen Building, lower level):please bring two blocks and a blanket from II Won Hall/ foyer to this session, Lunch: Noon, Workshop: Meditation – Learn the Basics: What does Meditation do? How do you practice it? What style is right for me?: 3:15 – 4:30 pm (II Won Hall), Dinner: 5:30 pm, Restorative Yoga & Marma Therapy (Ancient Indian Massage Technique): 7:45 – 9 pm (II Won Hall).

Sunday, 4/28 – Meditation: 6 – 7 am (II Won Hall) lead by ministers of center, Breakfast: 7:30 am, Whole Body Yin & Meditation: 9:45 – 11 am (Meditation Hall @ Timeless Zen Building, lower level), Lunch: Noon, 

Departure after lunch. (Please leave your room with all your belongings by noon time. Thank you.) 

Acupuncture Sessions are available, please check with Katrin (

Won Dharma Center

The Center is set on “(…) 426 acres of rolling hills and fields…with a majestic view on the Catskill mountains.”    –  Address: 361 State Route 23, Claverack, NY 12513

TO HOLD YOUR SPOT: Please pay a deposit of $ 250 (registration fee) to reserve your spot. Please note that the registration fee of $ 250 is part of the full payment and is not refundable. The remaining balance is due by January 26, 2019. Paying before this deadline is appreciated.

Refund Policy: No refund of registration fee ($250). No refund of the remaining balance after March 22, 2019. Booking is not transferable.

Please send a check to: Katrin Elia Yoga, 158 Montgomery Ave., Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004 or pay at the studio. Thank you. 



Retreat in the German & Austrian Alps: Yoga, Healing with Salt & Mozart's Salzburg, September 2019

Friday, September 13 - Tuesday, September 17

Enjoy four luxurious overnights – five days in the beautiful German/Austrian Alps… in a luxury mountain hotel with gourmet breakfasts & dinners, yoga & meditation sessions, Saline Floating Pool, outside swimming with mountain panorama, Sauna experience with salt treatment, visit to the famous lake Koenigsee, explore Mozart’s Salzburg with a private guide (20 minutes from hotel) and tour through the nearby alpine panorama with a visit to the famous Wochenbrunner Alm (mountain top) and so much more…


Pricing for Four Overnights – Five Days Friday, 9/13 – Tuesday, 9/17:

Single Room (Category Nature): Gourmet Breakfasts & Dinners, Yoga & Meditation Sessions, Sauna salt treatment, Artemacur Spa Usage/bathrobe with spa bag, Trips – Salzburg, Lake Koenigssee, Tirol (Austrian Alps) with a visit to Wochenbrunner Alm:  $ 2395 (per person)

Double Room (Category Panorama): Gourmet Breakfasts & Dinners, Yoga & Meditation Sessions, Sauna salt treatments, Artemacur Spa Usage/ bathrobe with spa bag, Trips – Salzburg, Lake Koenigssee, Tirol (Austrian Alps) with a visit to Wochenbrunner Alm:: $ 2079 (per person)

Please note: Luncheons, air travel and rides to and from the airport are not included in this price. Massages in Hotel Spa can be separately booked for an extra price. Salzburg, Austria is the closest airport (about 15 minute taxi ride). Munich Airport is about 2 hours via car. A travel insurance for the flights is recommended. 

Arrival: 9/13,  Departure: 9/17 

Extra day/s can be added for an extra charge. Please contact the event organizer. 

Program (as of now, slight changes are possible):

9/13 – Gentle Yoga (Hotel Yoga Room): 4:30pm (45 minutes), Meet & Greet: 6:45pm (Hotel Bar), 7:30pm Dinner (Hotel Restaurant)

9/14 – Good Morning Yoga & Meditation : 7:15 am (45 mins.), Breakfast, Exploring Mozart’s Salzburg – Walking City Tour (leaving the hotel at 1:30 pm), 6:30 pm Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra (45 mins.), Dinner

9/15 – Breakfast, Bus Tour to Tirol/Austrian Alps with Alm Visit (leaving at 9am – return at 4:30 pm), 6  pm Relaxing Evening Yoga (45 mins.), Dinner

9/16 – Good morning Yoga & Meditation: 7am (45 mins.), Breakfast, Visit of Lake Koenigssee (leaving the hotel 9:30 am) – 5:45 pm Yin Yoga (45 mins.), Dinner

9/17 – Good morning Yoga & Meditation: 7:15 am (45 minutes), Breakfast, departure

Sauna salt treatments can be scheduled at hotel. 

About the Klosterhof – Premium Hotel & Health Resort, Bayerisch Gmain, Germany (Alps):

This very unique place was founded circa 1500 as a part of the St. Zeno Augustiner Cloister close to Bad Reichenhall (district of upper Bavaria, Germany), the famous spa town with its traditional salt production and Salzburg (Austria) in a basin encircled by the Chiemgau Alps (including Mount Staufen (1,771 m) and Mount Zwiesel (1,781 m). Tirol (Austrian alpine area) is about 90 minutes away. 

TO HOLD YOUR SPOT: Please register with the full payment. Note that the full payment includes a $ 200 registration fee that is not refundable. Please read refund/cancellation policy below. Please check send a check to: Katrin Elia Yoga, 158 Montgomery Ave., Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004 or pay in the office.  

Refund & Cancellation Policy:

No refunds are allowed for the registration fee ($200).

The remaining balance of the order will be refunded (less the registration fee) up to the close of business, 5 PM Eastern Standard Time, July 13, 2019.

A 25% cancellation fee (in addition to the non-refundable registration fee)  will be applied to the remaining balance after July 13 through August 13, 2019.

After the close of business, 5 PM Eastern Standard Time, August 13, 2019, there will be NO REFUND of the remaining balance.

Bookings are not transferable. 

A travel insurance for your flight is highly recommended.