Monthly Series

Restore Yourself with Restorative Yoga - online & in-studio

Wednesday, July 31, 6:30 - 7:30pm
online: $20
in-studio: $25

Join me of an evening class of relaxation, healing, and rejuvenation. We will use several yoga props such as blankets, yoga blocks, bolster, pillows, etc. to set up the practiced yoga poses so that they become comfortable. Unlike more vigorous forms of yoga, this practice involves holding poses for extended periods, allowing the body to enter a state of deep relaxation and healing. Some of the key benefits are:

  • Stress Relief: By promoting relaxation, Restorative Yoga helps reduce stress and anxiety levels.

  • Improved Sleep: The deep relaxation techniques used can improve sleep quality.

  • Enhanced Flexibility: Gentle stretching over time can increase flexibility without straining the muscles.

  • Mental Clarity: This practice encourages mindfulness and mental clarity.

  • Physical Healing: It can aid in recovery from illness or injury by promoting overall well-being and balance in the body.

This is an all levels class. Pre-registration for this session is required:


Restore Yourself with Restorative Yoga (online & in-studio)

Thursday, August 15, 6:30pm - 7:30pm
online $20, in-studio: $25

The goal of this evening class is to restore your body and mind through assigned  restorative yoga poses. Yoga props such as blankets, yoga blocks, bolster, pillows, etc. will be used to set up the practiced yoga poses. The mind can only rest if the body is comfortable and not irritated. This is an all levels class. Here are the benefits of this wonderful practice: 

  • Promotes Deep Relaxation: Learn how restorative yoga uses props to support your body in passive poses, helping you release tension and stress.
  • Enhances Physical Healing: Discover how this gentle practice can aid in reducing chronic pain, lowering blood pressure, and boosting your immune system.
  • Balances the Nervous System: Understand how restorative yoga can help you find calm by activating your body’s rest-and-digest functions.
  • Supports Mental Clarity and Emotional Well-being: Explore the mental and emotional benefits, including reduced anxiety and improved sleep quality.
  • Encourages Mindfulness and Self-Care: Find out how restorative yoga can help you develop a more balanced, mindful approach to life.

 Pre-registration for this session is required: 

Alignment on/with a Chair (online & in studio)

Saturday, August 10, 10:30 - 11:30am
$20 online, in-studio: $30

This class is all about exploring the proper alignment in selected yoga poses (standing & seated) with the usage of a chair. If you take the class online and do not have a yoga chair (certain chair requirements) at home, please use a folding chair for this class (or contact me if you are not sure). Students who take the class in the studio will be able to use a yoga chair. For online students, please have two blankets available and two same size blocks. This session is inspired by the B.K.S. Iyengar alignment method.  A one year yoga practice is recommended to sign up for this class. Please register and send an email to:



New to Yoga or Brushing Up your Yoga Practice? (Online & In-Person Sessions)

Wednesday, April 24 - Tuesday, December 31

If you are new to yoga and its sister sciences (such as Pranayama (breath work – very healing), Meditation, etc.) or if you want to come back to a more regular yoga that is more personal and detailed oriented this studio is the place for you! For more  information on classes, pricing and available times, please contact the studio: We offer yoga privates, small group classes, beginners yoga, hormone yoga therapy and more. All sessions are available as online and in-person (at the studio or at your home).

Stretching the Body & Learn/Do Pranayama (Yogic Breathwork) on July 4 (online & in-studio)

Thursday, July 4, 10:00 - 11:15am
$25 online
$35 in-studio

During this all levels class we will use different yoga styles (gentle yoga, yin and restorative yoga) to stretch the body gently into all directions. Stretching is so important to make sure that all of your organs, connected tissues, blood flow and therefore the energy flow in your system will work properly.As you know, everything is connected! We will use yoga props such as yoga blocks, yoga blankets, a chair and a yoga strap (alternatives are ok). The session will end with some pranayama (yogic breathwork) exercises. Breathing techniques are designed to control the flow of life force, or prana, within the body. By practicing Pranayama on a regular basis, one can improve their health, enhance their mental clarity, and achieve a sense of inner peace. You will leave this deep practice uplifted and balanced to celebrate the holiday! Please pre-register via email to attend/join. 







Group Online Classes - How does it work? (read more)

Sunday, January 1 - Sunday, December 31, check schedule

Since March 2020, the studio offers its group yoga classes as well in an online format. If you are interested to join a class, please send an email to to receive the dial-in information or for further questions. Please read the following information below. 


Before joining the class YOU need to download the Zoom Meeting App. on your device. It doesn’t need to be an apple device, however it seems that a laptop or computer (bigger screen) is better than a smart phone for the presentation of the class. If the system ask you for Meeting ID and/or Password, please use the information that was emailed to you or click on the link in the invite. 

It would be good if you could join the class 5 minutes before the session starts, in case there are questions in regard of the set up, audio, adjustment of your screen, etc. Also please have your practice space prepared before the class. The following yoga props are recommended for yoga online classes at Katrin Elia Yoga: a yoga mat, 2 same size yoga blocks, 1 strap and 2 blankets. For your first class, alternatives are ok. If you don’t have yoga props and you would like to purchase some, please contact the studio via email for further information. 

Costs & Payment: All the online group classes are 60 minutes long (often a bit longer). Each class costs $20 per person. If an extra person joins your session, please let me know. Venmo (using the katrin-elia account) is recommended for class payment if you are a new student. Please send the payment before the class. 

STAY HEALTHY – DO YOGA! (Katrin’s mantra).